Metaphysical worship service

Speakers: Mark Reiner 290-2644
Special music: Beth Pederson 263-8706
Piano/Interlude & Congregation songs: Jeanie Ball 265-2264
Moderator: Marilyn Haddad 255-2331
Inspiration: Sarah Roemhildt 304-9471
Greeters: Tina Friedman 263-8065
Gardenia Care Committee: If you know anyone who needs a card of sympathy or encouragement call Lois Miller 263-1794.

Bulletins: Carla Cook 264-0176

Calendar of Events: Marilyn Chambers 208-263-7625, Carla Cook

To Schedule An Event Contact Marilyn Chambers:
please call 208-263-7625

Sunday Scheduled Speakers

Sept . 8 - Rob Lyman
Sept. 15 - Billie Ogden
Sept. 22 - Cindi Santi
Sept 29 - Richard Gage

Oct. 6 - Virginia Ellen
Oct. 13 - Mark Reiner-Meditation & Chants
Oct. 20 - Paul Graves
Oct.27 - Eric Ridgeway

Nov. 3 - Colleen Russell-Exploration of a Creative Life
Nov. 10 - Christine Schader-Biology of Miracles
Nov. 17 - Larry McBride
Nov. 24 - Marilyn Chambers

Special Music

Sept 8 - Bob Beadling
Sept 15 - Paranormal Daves

Regular Happenings

Spiritual Service Fridays - Gardenia Room, Readings begin at 10:45-Noon. Doors close at 11:00 a.m. Observe silence, white or light colored clothing preferred. Contact: Marilyn Chambers 263-7625

A Course in Miracles: Wednesdays 5:00-6:30 p.m. Sandpoint Public Library. Contact Karen Bowers 263-8949

Soup Kitchen Wednesdays from 11:00am-1:00pm. If you would like to bring soup call Carla Cook at 264-0176. We appreciate any donations for the soup kitchen.

Contacts for Sunday Services

BulletinsCarla Cook

GreetersTina Friedman208-263-8065
InspirationsSarah Roemhidt208-304-9471
ModeratorsMarilyn Haddad208-255-2331
Piano, Interlude and Congregational SongsJeanie Ball208-265-2264
Speaker's CornerMark Reiner208-290-2644
Special MusicBeth Pederson208-263-8706
Sunday Service OutreachLois Miller208-263-1794
John of God Spiritual Service
Fridays – Gardenia Room
Readings begin at 10:45
Doors close at 11:00
Observe silence: white or light colored clothing preferred.
Marilyn Chambers208-263-7625
A Course in Miracles
Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:30 PM
Sandpoint Public Library
Karen Bowers208-263-8949
PFLAG Parents & Friends of Lesbians and GaysPatricia Ragen208-265-2739