Center Facilities

Gardenia Room

The main sanctuary, with baby grand piano, seating for 200, podium and altar.

Crystal Room

The crystal bed consists of 7 vogel, sixteen faceted, Brazilian crystals radiating 7 colors of light. This crystal bed is one of three in the United States and was brought to the Gardenia Center from the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. Bathing in crystal light balances all the systems with guidance from the Ascended Masters.
For appointments call: 1-970-398-1618, Bonnie O'Connor

25 minutes $10 - 55 minutes $20


A free lending library of eclectic and metaphysical books, enough seating for a group of 10-12 people
2-5' folding tables are available.

Rose Room

An open room with two couches and moveable chairs for 65 people, adjacent to kitchen - 8-6' folding tables are available.


Two gas stoves, refrigerator, freezer, double sink and L-shaped serving counter - service for 80 people, coffee pots, cooking utensils.


For further information about renting any of our facilities please contact:

Carla Cook 208-217-4842